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Pink Magnolia


The Pink Magnolia

Our Delicious Story

Finding the rare individual who courageously blooms to douse pink positive love over the community is quite a breathtaking discovery. In Dallas, we are honored to experience this natural phenomenon more often than odds allow. There is no formula to produce such flowers. Some blossom quietly in the corner thinking no one will see. Others find the light and bask in it. Regardless, it is our privilege to celebrate the strength it takes to be unique and share their gifts to benefit others

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pink magnolia
10 best restaurants
10 best restaurant

Featured Delicacies

Fresh From the Heart

All Meats Are Served with House Pickles

Bruleed Grapefruit Fizz


Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka, Honey Syrup, Lime, Bruleed Grapefruit Juice, Soda

10 best restaurant

Grilled Marinated Veggie “Fajitas”


Flour Tortillas, Corn & Avocado Crème

10 best restaurants

Fried Chicken and Waffles


Jalapeño Cream Gravy, Bourbon Syrup

10 best restaurant

Gin & Jam

(Wines and more)

Bristow Gin, Raspberry Jam, Lemon

10best restaurants

Protein Bars (Built Up Bars) & Waffles


With every bite you take, you are indulging on a chocolate dessert! Read experts recommended and our personal favourite built bar reviews.

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"Most amazing I ever had!!"
- Bryan G
"Amazing taste, and juicy steaks!! Best ever!!"
- Laura Petracio
"I always visit here, and they always surprise me."
- Harold Z
"A must visit for every foodie"
- Laura Petracio