Built Bar Reviews – Are They Best Or Just The Hype?

Let’s be honest, we all have a sweet tooth. The exotic and satisfying taste of a dessert is something we all crave for. Sadly, not many of us can indulge in a sinful delight of having our favorite sweet snack every time we wish for it. Especially when one is dedicatedly trying to build a body that resonates strength, built and hard work done over a long time. 

Most of the readers associated with us are fitness enthusiasts and we expect that you must have heard the name ‘protein bars” a number of times. There is a wide variety of protein bars available in the market but not many of them are what they claim to be. Yes, a protein bar claims to be a sugar-free snack that offers you quick replenishment of energy without adding a lot to your calorie intake. But, in reality, they are just another sugar-filled and falsely coated snack that is equally harmful like common chocolate, except Built Bars.

A popular snack bar available in the market, Built Bar is exactly the same as it claims to be. Delightfully delicious, built bars are the most energy-giving protein bars available in the market. We don’t say this because it is what is written on the Built bar wrapper. Our reason for saying this is our personal experience with the bars. They are tasty and they are worthy of the hype. The company has mixed natural and real ingredients together and created this protein bar that tastes as good as the nourishment it offers. It is light, fluffy, and comes with a fine coat of dark chocolate. 

Unlike other built bar reviews, this one will give you real information about this popular “protein bar”. Read till the ends and know whether or not you should be munching on a Built Bar the next time you crave for a healthy dessert:

About Built Bar

Built Bar: Protein and Energy! This is how the company markets its product. For those who crave for healthy yet delicious snacks, Built Bar has emerged as a savior. Available in a variety of flavors, this protein bar doesn’t offer you a supply of sugar-coated with fake chocolate. In fact, the ingredients used to manufacture Built Bars are very much natural and scientifically proven to offer you the right energy without any guilt.

The key Built Bars flavors available in the market include:

With Nuts:

  • Peanut Butter Built Bar 
  • Banana Nut Bread Built Bread
  • German Chocolate Cake Built Bar
  • Toffee Almond Built Bar 
  • Peanut Butter Brownie Built Bar
  • Coconut Almond Built Bar

Retirement comeback:

  • Mocha Chocolate Crème Built Bar 
  • Mint Chocolate crème Built Bar 

Original Built Bar (Nut Free):

  • Mint Brownie Delite Built Bar
  • Double Chocolate Mousse Built Bar 
  • Coconut Chocolate Crème Built Bar 
  • Banana Chocolate Crème Built Bar 
  • Salted Caramel Chocolate Built Bar
  • Black Cherry Chocolate Built Bar 
  • Raspberry Chocolate Crème Built Bar
  • Vanilla Chocolate Crème Built Bar 

You can always create your own box and take home the best of the flavors that you would love to have in your dessert.

What is the Built Bar Ingredients which separates them from others?

Built Bars has established a different identity in the market and its ingredients are the key that keeps it apart from the competition. The company has said it an ample number of times that they are very particular about offering nutrition to the buyers of Built Bars. There is a dedicated section on the company’s website that offers you all kinds of details about the ingredients used to make Built Bars. The key ingredients that make built bars better than the rest are:

Whey Protein:

Whey protein has a great amino acid profile and hence it’s the base ingredient in making all types of bars. Known for its easy digestion properties and for having no particular taste, the ingredient is the best. Moreover, Built Bar eliminates the casein and lactose content of the whey, minimizing any chances of allergic reaction in consumers to zero.


Gelatin qualifies a range of categories including non-vegan, non-vegetarian, non-kosher, and non-halal. Because Gelatin is the key ingredient used in making any type of protein bar, Built Bar couldn’t eliminate using it. However, the company has claimed that it has stabilized the foam structure.


There is a range of jobs that Glycerin does including thickening, stabilizing, and controlling moisture levels and providing the amazingly sweet taste to the bars. Moreover, a glycerin mixed product has a longer shelf-life than no glycerin products. 


Much like sugar alcohols, but with no features that indicate intestinal discomfort, Erythritol is a very commonly used sweetener. The best part about the sweetener is that it is considered safe for diabetic people as it does not increase the blood sugar level like other sweeteners. The sweetener is also safe, has zero calories, and considered healthy as it is available in abundance in fruits like grapes, watermelon, and pears.


Built Bars claims to use the finest chocolate in making every bar. The chocolate is real and so is the sweetness content but as the bar has high fiber level, it subsided the excess sugar content. The chocolate used is dark chocolate which not only gives you a luxurious taste but also supplies a rich amount of anti-oxidants.


To ensure that the bar is tasty, healthy, and having a great texture, the company has added Maltodextrin to it. It is a water-soluble and non-digestible variant of Maltodextrin and hence has a range of benefits to offer.

As per the company, there are no artificial preservatives or flavors used in making Built Bars. Also, because they market it as an all-natural dessert, there is certainly no added color in every Built Bar

Built Bars are best for what kind of people?

Generally quoting, there are no hard and fast rules for consuming a Built Bar. Anyone who wants a quick healthy snack, whether or not they are working out, can enjoy a Built Bar anytime. However, it is noteworthy that people with allergy to milk products must not consume the product. Also, those who have their own limitations including those who need halal food, kosher food, vegan food, and 100% vegetarian food, must steer away from this bar. Other than this, Built Bar can be consumed by anyone including Diabetics.

If we go by the Built Bar reviews on the company website, people are in deep love with this product. Most of them claimed that Built Bar is the best snack they have ever had in their entire life. While some of them claimed that the snack is a great alternative for desserts, others say that they eat a built bar or two daily.

Because we have researched enough about its composition and read plenty of reviews, we are sure when we say that Built Bars are safe for most people. The bar does not have a bad taste, in fact, it is delicious, which gives you some more reasons to buy a handful of them today.

Do Built Bars really work?

Again, going by the Built Bars Reviews, these protein bars are actually worth the hype. More and more people come up to the company’s website and wrote down a positive review of the bars. Going by its ingredients, the bar is one of the most healthy and nutritious protein bars available for sale. If you want a quick snack or a complete meal, having one or two Built Bars will do the magic. It also has a rich taste, thanks to the real dark chocolate used in making these bars. If you are working on your fitness goals, there is no better substitute for Built Bars.

What do customers have to say about Built Bars?

Customers have all great things to say about Built Bars. There is a designated Reviews section on the company website where Built Bar buyers leave their reviews. The customers have claimed Built Bar for being a weight loss aid, appreciated the flavors available as well as commended its incredible taste. There are ample of reviews that also appreciate the smoothness and texture of the Built Bars.

Built Bar Safety & Side Effects

Built Bars are made of natural ingredients and hence does not have any known side effects. Its ingredients are thoughtfully chosen to ensure all types of people can easily enjoy the bars. From no sugar level spikes to easily digestible nature, the fiber-rich Built Bars are indeed tasty. However, the only limitation to the consumption of Built Bars is its inappropriateness for Vegans and vegetarians as well as for those who follow Kosher and Halal diet rules. Built bars are safe and from children to adults, everyone can enjoy Built Bars without worrying about a lot of things. 

Where To Buy Built Bars:

There is an extensive range of Built Bars available on its official website and it is the only place you can buy Built Bars from. You can buy Built Bars in 14 different flavors, as per your personal choice. The company also offers an option of ordering a Built Bar box with choices including:

  • 18-box of one flavor
  • a mixed box of 9 flavors
  • a build-your-own box with 3 flavors of your choice

Built Bar is affordably priced and an 18 bar box will cost you $36. However, as you add up the number of boxes, you can enjoy a decrease in per bar price. For example, an 18 bar box is $36, costing $2 bar each, but when you order two boxes, you get them at $33.30 per box which means $1.85 per bar. If you are ordering within the US, you can also enjoy the free shipping feature of the company.

FAQs Related to Built Bars

Q. What is the nutritional break up of Built Bars?

A. Different flavors have a different nutritional breakup. Here is the breakup of the key Built Bars flavors:

  • Banana Chocolate Crème
    110 calories, 15g protein, 6g fiber, 4g fat, 13g carbs
  • Banana Nut Bread
    150 calories, 18g protein, 6g fiber, 5g fat, 16g carbs
  • Black Cherry Chocolate Crème
    110 calories, 15g protein, 6g fiber, 4g fat, 13g carbs
  • Coconut Almond
    130 calories, 18g protein, 7g fiber, 5g fat, 16g carbs
  • Peanut Butter
    170 calories, 20g protein, 7g fiber, 7g fat, 16g carbs

Q. Is Built Bar safe for my 12 years old son?

A. Built Bars are made with all-natural ingredients and hence safe for consumption for most of the people. The only exemption is vegans and vegetarians as well as those who follow Kosher and non-halal diet. 

Q. Are there any Built Bar coupon codes

A. Yes, you can find Built Bars coupon codes online, However, Built Bars are already very affordably priced and hence you will not need to have any coupon code. 

Q. Does Built Bar support in weight loss?

A. Built Bar is made from the best ingredients and none of them is known to have high-calorie count. Moreover, the sugar available in the Built Bar is also safe to digest. You can easily eat Built Bars without worrying about any weight gain troubles.

Q. Can I store Built Bars at home as I am buying it in a box?

A. Yes, Built Bars have glycerin in it which gives them a great shelf-life. You do not have to worry about them getting stales as you can safely store them at home.

Final Verdict

Built Bars have established a great market in a very little time. If you do not have any dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, and non-halal), Built Bars are very safe for consumption. They are a healthy option and you can munch on them any time. Moreover, they are known to have no effects on your blood sugar levels so even if you are a diabetic, you can enjoy a Built Bar. These bars are affordable and available in a range of flavors to cater to the taste requirements of one and all. So, without any second thought, go ahead and order a box or two of Built Bars and enjoy the great taste and several flavors.

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